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Have You Seen Our New Fabric Projects?

Have You Seen Our New Fabric Projects?
2 years ago

Are you short of ideas on what to sew next? Do you have a bundle of left-over fabric you are not quite sure how to utilize? Then, our new projects will definitely get your creative juices flowing; From apparel, home decor, and your traditional quilting projects, we have it all!While our projects are shown with a specific fabric style and brand – they can be used with any other licensed print of your choice.

Here are our new projects that are sure to spur you in a whole new exciting direction in turning your creative craft into magic;

These are just a few of the many ways that your fabrics can be transformed into cosy, homely and fashionable pieces of art and home decorations. You will find that sometimes scrappy projects can be the most fun to make because there are so many options.

Because costs of kitchen towels, pot holders, and napkins can be a lot, it is wise to save some money and use your scrap fabric to create DIY home and kitchen crafts. These kitchen scrap fabric projects are adorable, useful, and easy too. So follow us to keep up to date on how to utilize our new, fun fabric projects that can become yours as well!

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